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13Credenze well-being line is intended for anyone who has special food needs but also for all those are looking for lightness and balance in food choice. Each product belonging to this line is absolutely certified and it respects both taste and body care, health and relish. You can range over gluten-free breads, very digestible and low in calories, like bio-semolina bread , emmer bread, soy bread or cereal bread till the innovative “functional paste” which is just a reinterpretation of a classical must of the Mediterrean diet.


natural evolution.

In cooperation with the Nutrition Biochemistry Department of Naples – Seconda Università -, 13Credenze researches, makes experiments and constantly develops products which are important in terms of antioxidant properties. It could be very interesting a further possible development with the aim of
creating pasta for diabetics, using extracts from tomato skins, to reduce the natural pasta effects in increasing glycemia index.

Functinal pasta,
a Mediterannean wellness.

Pasta is healthy, light and it has nutritional characteristics essential to our body. 13Credenze reinvented the idea of pasta, making it “functional” thanks to the creation of new mixture-cleverly balanced- of differents flours and ancient durum wheat groats. For example purple potato pasta, both cavatelli or penne rigate, have a fundamental antioxidant function helping against cellular aging, but still maintain their delicacy and harmony in taste. Also seaweed pasta, like linguine or mezze maniche, represent a unique and healthy iodine source , maintaining their perfection in terms of smooth and pervading taste.

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