Rediscover the sweetness of the past.

13Credenze addresses to special and selected customers thanks to its fine pastry and its refined desserts: a special range of delicacies according to the best gluttonies of the Sicilian tradition. 13Credenze pays special attention to the use of first quality ingredients, preparing methods and centenary passions. 13Credenzeboasts of an excellent confecionery selection thanks to its experience, to its knowledge of handmade techniques together with the use of advanced methods although with a great respect of slow timing, tradition and love of original flavors.


The natural sloweness
of craftsmanship.

Only the real pastry masters and the expertise of the best baking powder masters are able to make the real classic handmade panettone: the one with the burnisheddome, the large honeycomb bubbles and the distinctive tasty crumb, a unique taste of balanced ingredients that you will remember for a long time. And we can confess our secret: you can obtain such a special product only through a very slow leavened process.

Fragrant because handmade,
smooth because natural.

Since the very past times, the most industrious bakers prepared unique specialities at home in their ovens. That’s the spirit of 13Credenze company which selects the best panettoni coming from the south of Italy: maybe not everybody knows that the more famous Italian panettone comes from Sicily , not from Lombardy as it was in the past. 13Credenze has a range of at least 8 different tastes: the best one is the handmade pistachio panettone. It’s very scented and tasty. Then we have that filled with chocolate and coconut, or the insuperable Pandorini, little in dimensions but real pastry masterpieces.

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