The distinctive taste of made in Sicily

13Credenze biscuit factory claims an extraordinary rich selection of bakery products, excellent in the flavors mix, because realized in the slow tradition, typical of the very ancient recipes of the Sicilian tradition. The choise includes a greedy variety of smooth and sweet sensations: the most greedy customers can choose among a selection of biscuits and Sicilian almond paste, also keen to the greatest demanding palate, thanks to special and typical productions.


Smooth almond paste harmonies

Among Sicilian confectionery, almond paste, which is also known as “real paste”, is the best of the island confectionery. Since in the past this kind of pastries were dedicated to kings, That’s why they are called in this way. With the passing of time their production improved and so almond paste is no more only typical of festivities but you can eat it at any time.
Today, 13Credenze expresses the whole quality and the distinctive delicacy of the best confectionery only with the addiction of a bit of honey or orange and lemon’s essence.

Tasting sweet sensations

Sicily offers such a great selection of pastries that it is impossible just to talk about a little number of them. Anyway we are going to confess some little but interesting secrets: for example Sicily is the only Italian region were pistachio is produced, the Bronte pistachio is special and it is the main ingredient of ‘O Sapurit, it’s a crunchy cookie of Maghreb origin, rich in almond caramel but never too sweet. An almond taste which remembers the unique tastes coming from far away countries.

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