Give a Cadeau is more than a simple present.

When you give a Cadeau 13Beliefs doesn’t consider only the thought,but also the flavor of the gift itself. It’s a pleasure involving all the five senses both if you give it to somebody or if you receive it: let’s involve yourself in the charm of the elegant packaging, let’s admire the surprises included in each box,let’s enjoy the smell and taste of pastries and biscuits of Sicily Gift. Then taste all the handmade specialities which you decide to insert in each box or bag. If you want to give a real present, give a Cadeau.

Special cadeau (gifts) for important occasions

  • Mini Cadeu – Small wooden box
  • Sac Cadeau – Bag with ribbon
  • Dolce Cadeau – Pouch bag with ribbon for panettone
  • Grand Cadeau – Big wooden box
  • Bel Cadeau – Medium size wooden box
  • Sicily Cadeau – Small wooden box