A hundred-years-old know how of passion and craftsmanship

Believing in the selection of the best raw materials, respecting seasonality and excellence of simplicity is the only way as well as believing in truth and in dream. It is the same believing in slowness and innovation, future and tradition. 13Credenze thinks to best cuisine as an art, to recipes as secrets to hand down, to the table custom as a value to be guarded. That’s why it is interested in everything which is handmade, with the use of the right time to make each product the best product. It aims to spread all the different specialities with the whole strenght and vitality of the southern Italies territories with their passion in the purity of taste. 13Credenze products are as they are; no artifices, no modification, really biological.

Authentic legend

handed down in the times.

13Credenze gives unicity to each paste, to each biscuit, to each panettone thanks to its porosity and imperfections. It creates excellent and envied products to the gourmet table.
13Credenze expresses that genuineness which makes us always surprised, thanks to the creativity of everyday gesture. To understand each belief you need to know it.

Cultural heritage,

honour to the South of Italy

You must be contemporarily an handicraftsman and an innovator to understand the variety and uniqueness of each product: you must celebrate good food and be faithful to your own roots, always remembering tradition and folklore. The secret is to keep each secret linked to one’s own birthplace, to experience unknown paths, reinterpreting the “ancient good food” with a new modernity. This is exactly what men and women coming from the South of Italy do. They are very involved in the best food to eat and in the way to prepare it. That’s why 13Credenze is so original in its manufacturing: each beliefs can have a different flavour if you taste it deeply. 

  • 1ª Beliefs

    Raw Materials

    "Select high quality ingredients every day to reach excellence. Ingredients must be distinctive as those in the past tradition."
  • 2ª Beliefs


    “Taste and Mediterranean tradition, the point is simple: you prepare only handmade food.”
  • 3ª Beliefs


    There are places in which flavours are special, so special to be unique.
  • 4ª Beliefs


    Go beyond always looking at past: the real cultural heritage is that of the past.
  • 5ª Beliefs


    The secret is to claim time: the more you use the best will be the result.
  • 6ª Beliefs


    It's easy to declare the truth when you don't have anything to hide.
  • 7ª Beliefs


    If you learn to follow Nature, according to seasons, your products will always be high quality ones.
  • 8ª Beliefs


    Choose imperfect products: although they aren't nice but defective they assure to be handmade and genuine products.
  • 9ª Beliefs


    This belief suggest you not to fix rules: with a little craziness you can obtain new and surprisingly results.
  • 10ª Beliefs

    South knowledge

    Learn and teach, discover and hand down, from family to family, from a year to another: this is Southern Italy culture!
  • 11ª Beliefs


    One of the best ingredients of a good cuisine is to care for details. Respect details.
  • 12ª Beliefs


    Harmonize research and tradition with the aim of improving always leads you to special and unique results.
  • 13ª Beliefs


    Maintain the best and unconfessed secrets in order to use them at the right occasion, with the only objective to shock others.